Address Standardization (CASS) Services

Instantly clean your mailing list addresses to ensure deliverability.

Follow the United States Postal Service (USPS) Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) standards to correct and validate mailing addresses, add missing address information to ensure the address is complete, and perform Delivery Point Validation (DPV).

Connect With Your Customers Using Address Standardization (CASS)

Speed-to-market and information accuracy are critical to your marketing campaign’s success. The DIY Portal allows you to instantly clean and validate the mailing addresses for your customer and prospect files in real-time to get the most out of your contact records. Our Address Standardization services utilize the USPS Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) requirements to correct and standardize addresses, add missing information, and process Delivery Point Validation (DPV).

Benefits of Address Standardization (CASS)

  • Save time & money with validated addresses for your mailing campaigns

  • Ensure your customer list is accurate and up-to-date

  • Improve campaign success by reaching more customers and prospects

  • Save money and reduce the number of undeliverable marketing pieces

Features of Address Standardization (CASS)

  • DPV Address validation to confirm that addresses are deliverable

  • ZIP + 4 can provide faster mail delivery and postage discounts

  • Identify addresses that have been vacant for more than 90 days

  • Identify bad addresses before mailing

  • Identify addresses that are missing apartment and suite information

  • Reduce fraud by identifying invalid or fake addresses

  • Clean and consistent data with proper upper and lower casing and correct USPS abbreviations

Additional Address Standardization (CASS) Options

  • Casing Options

    • A = Auto-Casing
    • UL = Upper and Lower Casing
    • U = Upper Casing
    • L = Lower Casing
  • Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) Encoding

  • Match logic

    • S = Business, Individual, & Family
    • I = Individual Only
    • B = Business Only
    • IB = Individual With Business
    • R = Individual & Family
  • Process before other services like National Change Of Address (NCOA), Private Change Of Address (PCOA), and Dedupe Records to improve results

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