Gender Coding Services

Instantly append gender codes and scores to your marketing database records and customer lists.

Personalize your marketing efforts, and maximize gender specific campaigns, by adding male, female, or ambiguous gender codes to your database contacts.

Connect With Your Customers Using Gender Coding

Speed-to-market and information accuracy are critical to your marketing campaign’s success. The UpdateYourList.com DIY Portal allows you to instantly append gender codes and scores to your customer and prospect files in real-time.

Benefits of Gender Coding

  • Ensure your customer list is accurate and has the ability to be gender specific

  • Personalize your marketing campaigns

  • Segment database by gender for targeted marketing

Gender Coding Data Elements

  • Gender Code

    • M = Male
    • F = Female
    • U = Unknown
  • Gender Score

    • 0 = Unassigned
    • 1 = Male (Strong Confidence)
    • 2 = Male (Weak Confidence)
    • 3 = Ambiguous
    • 4 = Female (Weak Confidence)
    • 5 = Female (Strong Confidence)
    • 6 = Multiple Names (Mixed)
    • 7 = Multiple Names (Male)
    • 8 = Multiple Names (Female)
    • 9 = Multiple Names (Ambiguous)

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