Email Validation Services

Validate your customer email addresses to ensure deliverability

Real-time access to a high quality, permission-based, national email address file with over 198 million unique email addresses. 7 step email validation process can attempt to correct any errors and return a validated email address.

Connect With Your Customers Using Email Validation

Speed-to-market and information accuracy are critical to your email marketing campaign’s success. The UpdateYourList.com DIY Portal allows you to instantly validate email addresses in your customer and prospect files in real-time to get the most out of your contact records. The validation process utilizes one of the largest repositories of email address with input records at over 2 billion. Proprietary and comprehensive 7-step process flags potential undeliverable email addresses, autocorrects syntactical errors, and identifies spam traps, complainers, and more. The email validation process returns a completely clean and validated list of email addresses.

Benefits of Validating Emails

  • Save time & money with validated email addresses

  • Ensure your customer list is accurate and up-to-date

  • Improve campaign success by reaching more customers and prospects

  • Reduce the number of inaccurate and undeliverable emails

  • Maintain high sending reputation

Features of Validating Emails

  • Step 1: Validate email address for general format or syntax errors and compare to internal database of known undeliverable email addresses, spam traps, etc.

  • Step 2: Validate email address for a valid top-level domain

  • Step 3: Validate email address for a proper format for common domains such as Hotmail and Yahoo

  • Step 4: Validate email address for fraudulent email addresses

  • Step 5: Validate email address and verify if the domain exists

  • Step 6: Validate email domain and verify if it can receive email

  • Step 7: Validate email mailbox and verify if it can receive email

  • Over 198 million unique email addresses

  • Updated monthly with additions and deletions

  • Real-time turnaround

  • Multiple suppression options to exclude invalid email addresses

Email Validation Suppression

  • 300 million record suppression file

  • Email addresses are screened for offensive originating URLs

Email Validation Data Elements

  • Validation Code - Result of validating emails

    Validation Code Validation Reason Description
    S 100 General syntax error
    S 110 Invalid character in address
    S 115 Invalid domain syntax
    S 120 Invalid username syntax
    S 125 Invalid username syntax for that domain
    S 130 Address is too long
    S 135 Address has unbalanced parentheses, brackets, or quotes
    S 140 Address does not have a username
    S 145 Address does not have a domain
    S 150 Address does not have an @ sign
    S 155 Address has more than one @ sign
    S 200 Invalid top-level-domain (TLD) in address
    S 210 Domain is an invalid IP address
    S 215 Unquoted spaces are not allowed in email addresses
    D 310 Domain does not exist
    D 315 Domain does not have a valid IP address
    D 325 Domain cannot receive email
    D 330 Unable to communicate with mail server
    D 350 Domain does not indicate invalid mailboxes unless email is sent
    M 400 The mailbox is invalid or the username does not exist at the domain
    M 410 Mailbox is full and cannot receive email at this time
    M 420 Mail is not accepted for this domain
    M 430 Invalid domain
    M 440 Mailbox is blocked
    M 450 Email address is a known spammer or spam trap
    M 460 Mailbox is unavailable
    U 500 Addresses with that username are not allowed
    U 505 Addresses with that domain are not allowed
    U 510 The email address is suppressed and not allowed
    U 540 Canadian address (did not U validate)
    U 550 Canadian address (did validate)
    O 10 Syntax OK
    O 20 Syntax OK and domain valid according to database
    O 30 Syntax OK and domain exists
    O 40 Syntax OK and domain exists and can receive email
    O 50 Syntax OK, domain exists, and mailbox does not reject mail

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