Name Parsing Services

Split full names to their individual components in your customer and prospect files.

Utilize the separate elements of a full name field by parsing the data into prefix, first name, middle name/initial, last name, and suffix fields.

Connect With Your Customers Using Name Parsing

Speed-to-market and information accuracy are critical to your marketing campaign’s success. The UpdateYourList.com DIY Portal allows you to break apart full names into separate fields for all of your marketing needs, allowing you to effectively address your recipient with their appropriate title, or market to a specific gender.

Benefits of Name Parsing

  • Personalize your marketing campaigns with recipient title

  • Segment database by gender for targeted marketing

Name Parsing Data Elements

  • Prefix - The prefix (Mr., Mrs., Dr.) of the contact

  • First Name - The first/given name of the contact

  • Middle Name - The middle/second name of the contact

  • Last Name - The last/family name of the contact

  • Suffix - The suffix (Jr., Sr.) of the contact

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