Reverse Email Append Services

Append name, address, and phone number to the email addresses of your customer records.

Real-time access to a high quality, permission-based, national email address file with over 198 million records populated with contact name, address information, and telephone numbers. Processing includes 7-step email validation that queries the receiving email box to ensure deliverability.

Connect With Your Customers Using Reverse Email Append Services

Speed-to-market and information accuracy are critical to your email marketing campaign’s success. The UpdateYourList.com DIY Portal allows you to instantly append name, address, and telephone number information to the email addresses in your customer and prospect files in real-time to get the most out of your contact records. The email append process utilizes one of the largest repositories of email address with input records at over 2 billion. Proprietary 7-step validation process identifies addresses known to be associated with spam traps, invalid emails and domains, role accounts, complainers, known hard-bounces, and more.

Benefits of Reverse Email Append

  • Save time & money with validated email address contact information

  • Ensure your customer list is accurate and up-to-date

  • Improve multi-channel campaign success by reaching more customers and prospects

  • Populate missing email address contact information

  • Reduce the number of undeliverable emails

  • Personalize marketing emails

  • Maintain high sending reputation

Features of Reverse Email Append

  • 198 Million unique email addresses populated with contact name and address data

  • Database update schedule: Weekly

  • Date stamp and IP addresses available on most records

  • Proprietary confidence codes resulting in more valid matches

  • Real-time turnaround

  • Multiple suppression options (over 300 million records) to exclude invalid email addresses

Processing Options For Reverse Email Append

  • Self Service Do-It-Yourself Portal 24/7 Checkout: Yes

  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Automation: Yes

  • Developer API: Yes

  • Submit File To Your Account Rep For Processing: Yes

  • Minimum Record Count: No Minimum

Reverse Email Append Services Cost & Pricing

  • Append Name & Address : $0.08 per email address

  • Append Phone Number (Optional): $0.08 per phone number

  • Append IP Address (Optional): $0.02 per match

  • Append Date Stamp (Optional): $0.02 per match

  • Append Connection IP Address (Optional): $0.02 per match

  • Append Connection Type (Optional): $0.02 per match

  • Append Domain (Optional): $0.02 per match

  • Append Parsed Name & Address Elements (Optional): FREE

How Reverse Email Appending Works In Our DIY Portal

  1. Create and activate your free DIY Portal account

  2. Upload the (.xls .xlsx .csv .txt .dbf .mdb .accdb) file you want to process to our secure processing servers

  3. Select your Reverse Email Append processing services

  4. Submit your order to receive real-time results (same day turn-around)

DIY Portal Reverse Email Data Appending Sample Reports

Output File

Reverse Email Append Output File Sample


Output File Layout

Reverse Email Append Output Layout File

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Reverse Email Appending Services Frequently Asked Questions

What is the turn-around time for reverse email append processing?

When opting for real-time processing, the DIY Portal can process hundreds of records per minute, and files are returned within hours.

How often is the reverse email append database updated?

The database used for reverse email appending is updated weekly.

What are the required input fields necessary to submit a file for reverse email append processing?

The only required field for the reverse email append service is email address.

What is the source of your reverse email append data?

We have over 198 million marketable email records, and a bounce/suppression file of over 300 million records, that are multi-sourced from over 2 billion input records in total.

How much does it cost to process a file through reverse email append?

We only charge for names and addresses appended to your file, which is currently $0.08 per record. Please create a free account to log into the DIY Portal and view the complete pricing list for reverse email append services.

How do I process my file through reverse email append in the DIY Portal?

Performing reverse email append is as simple as uploading your customer file, mapping your email address field, and clicking submit. We also have some "How To" videos in the DIY Portal to show you exactly how to process a file.

Can you reverse append phone numbers to the email addresses?

Yes, we can also try to find and append a phone number for your email addresses.

The cost to append a phone number is $0.08 per phone number, and you are only charged if a phone can be appended.

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